Broadband & Connectivity

We realize that navigating the road to building a broadband network can be a daunting task, Brownstone can help guide your community every step of the way. No two communities are alike, our team will help you select and execute the network that best suits your needs. Brownstone is currently leading the fastest and most dynamic build in the country. From funding to sourcing fiber, to futureproofing, we will show you the way.

Brownstone Consultants offers our clients a wide array of Broadband & Telecommunication services, all tailored to the specific owners needs.

Feasibility studies consider existing factors within your community and help determine whether a project should be executed or not. Conducting a feasibility study is a key step in applying for grants as well as determining capital and operating costs. (insert links and / or QR code)

The nation is in the midst of unprecedented broadband investment. We can assist with grant writing and funding strategies to ensure that your project comes to fruition.

Designing a reliable, future proofed network is often the most important aspect of a broadband project. Network expansion, technology innovations, and revenue generating opportunities are all important factors to consider during design.

Together with our supply chain partners we have built a better mousetrap. We have an unparalleled relationship with national suppliers and vendors to get your project material where you want it, when you want it.

Our project managers and construction inspectors provide the field expertise and supervision to ensure that your project is built to specification. Allow us to coordinate the relationships between administration, IT, public works, engineering / permitting departments, and contractors in order to foster a harmonious working environment.

We provide turn-key construction solutions from boring to splicing to resident installations. Our crews differentiate themselves by their can-do attitude and ability to create solutions to complex issues that are natural to fiber builds.

Designing, building, and spinning up a network can be a daunting task to navigate. Our consulting engineers and technicians are here to guide you through this complicated process.

Often overlooked because of the complexity and magnitude that a municipal build entails, the day to day long-term management of a network demands the utmost level of organization and planning. We will guide you through the management and operations process to ensure that your subscribers receive the service they deserve.

We've put our expertise to work by offering our services to these projects in Texas